Storage Options Tool

The tool on this page is designed to provide advice on the most appropriate storage for different use cases. This is not an exhaustive list and does not supersede systems such as DUO. There may also be a specific reason why the proposed solution may not be ideal in your particular situation. Chosing a non-recommended option is viable, but please think carefully when accepting an option marked as less suitable, especially if sensitive information is involved. Do you currently use solutions flagged as avoid?

If you require more detailed advice please contact the IT Service Desk.


  1. Use this for advice on where to store different types of files
  2. Use the tool separately for each type of data you want to store
  3. Read each question and tick the boxes that apply to your files
  4. Submit the form and you will be shown a report for the recommended storage solution(s)
  5. The report will also indicate any specific storage you must avoid for that use
  6. If the recommendation won't work for you, other viable options will be shown in the report.

For data sensitivity / classification, please see definitions on the Information Governance website

If your files contain any information about living individuals then it is likely that the classification "Confidential (Personal)" will apply, even if you do not consider the data sensitive.

If you are handling data classified as "Secret" then please contact IGU or CIS for advice.


  • Why does local or removable storage get a lower score?

    In general, networked storage offers better security and resilience. Local storage may be the best option in special circumstances - e.g. visiting a location where you won't have Internet access, or transporting very large volumes of data.

  • Why does Box get a lower score than OneDrive?

    Box was an interim solution until the implementation of OneDrive, PRS and SRS. It is likely to be retired in future, so should not be the default choice. If you are already using Box there is no immediate need to stop.

  • Why are all solutions "Avoid" for "Secret" data?

    Secret data is very rare and is likely to come with requirements of specific controls from the data owner. It is therefore essential to consult with IGU and/or CIS before storing data of this type.

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