Storage: Shared Research Storage (SRS)

Category: Data Storage and Retrieval

Storage for research data requirements which are beyond the limit of Personal Research Storage (PRS) and for research projects which have been approved, either internally or externally funded.


  • For each top level folder you can specify users who will have read and write access and those who will have read only access.
  • Access must be set at the top level folder level, any folder beneath this must inherit access rules from the top level folder above. 
  • Each SRS has a single quota, this is for the entire drive and not related to specific folders.
  • An SRS may have multiple owners, unlike PRS.
  • If you need to share your SRS with external collaborators, you will need to request a visitor account for each collaborator. This will enable access when on the Durham network but for anyone needing access to this storage offsite, VPN access would also need to be requested. It may be worth considering alternative solutions such as Box to facilitate collaboration.
  • Your SRS may be deleted when you leave the organisation. If the data needs to be retained and you are the share owner, you must identify another owner for the data. This would usually be someone else involved in the research who is still working at Durham University or alternatively a nominated individual within your department who can own the data going forward. If you do not nomiate an alternative individual then your Head of Department or departmental IT Lead may need to allocate an appropriate owner.

To access Shared Research Storage remotely use AppsAnywhere

Request Process

  • SRS can be requested through the IT Service Desk.
  • SRS requests can be either externally or internally funded.
  • Requests which are externally funded will need RIS approval prior to the storage being provisioned.
  • Requests which are internally funded will need to be authorised by your Head of Department.
  • Any request for SRS that is externally funded will need CIS oversight if the size exceeds 50TB, to enable capacity planning.
  • For internally funded requests, CIS will review any which exceed 15TB.
  • Each request must detail the storage tier which is appropriate for the data descriptions of which can be found in the Knowledge Articles detailed, for research data this would usually be Silver 3.

Support Process

  • If you need to request an SRS or need to increase the quota on your existing SRS, please use the Self Service Portal (accessible using the link to the right of this article).
  • For information on how to recover documents, to map your SRS to your device, to find out more about the storage tiers or for information on the Storage Tool please access the relevant Knowledge Article (accessible using the link to the right of this article).
  • For other SRS related queries please contact the IT Service Desk (ext. 41515).