Storage: Personal Storage

Category: Data Storage and Retrieval

The home directory space is intended for storing of a user's personal documents and system preferences (e.g. coursework).


•Data in your home directory is considered private and as such will not be accessible by any other user. If you have confidential data, departmental storage (S:drive) may be more suitable.

•Users should not store non-work related data such as photographs, music etc. in their home directory.

•Your home directory will have a quota. The standard quota provisioned upon starting at the University is 5GB for both staff and students.

•This quota can be increased by request up to 10GB.

•When you leave the University any home directory data will be deleted and removed from Durham University systems.

•For larger amounts of data such as for research, Personal Research Storage (PRS) or Shared Research Storage (SRS) may be more appropriate.

Remote access to Personal Storage use AppsAnywhere then select Durham File Explorer.

Request Process

•Each staff member will be automatically provisioned with a 5GB home directory allocation upon starting their employment at the University.

•If you use a CIS managed staff or student desktop machine then you can access your personal file storage space automatically after logging on, the file store is accessible as the J: drive.

•If you use the CIS Managed Linux Desktop Service (LDS) it is your home directory. 

Support Process

•If you need to request an increase in your J:drive quote, please use the Self Service Portal (accessible using the link to the right of this article).

•For information on how to recover documents or to map your J:drive to your device, please access the relevant Knowledge Article (accessible using the link to the right of this article).

•For any other Home Directory related queries please contact the IT Service Desk (ext. 41515).